Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is devoctomy?

A: devoctomy is the very small company that created cachy, come visit our website.

Q: What does devoctomy/cachy know about my credentials?

A: Absolutely nothing, we don't store your credential vaults, that's entirely down to you.

Q: If devoctomy/cachy were to be hacked, would my credentials be at risk?

A: No, we do not keep any of your data, and we like to make a point of stating that we do not want your data. We only want to develop cachy so that you can protect your data yourself.

Q: Do I have to purchase cachy on each platform I use it on?

A: Yes, although we have made cachy extremely affordable, and without subscription costs. Check out the relevant store page for up-to-date pricing.

Q: I want to know exactly how cachy works, can you tell me?

A: Yes, please download our technical document from here.