Release In Progress

Well it’s been a busy week, aside from having a full-time job during the day, I’ve been spending the evenings making last minute tweaks to cachy to get things ready for release.

Now cachy is finally code-complete. That means there will be no more changes to the code between now and when it’s officially available for download on the store. But where is it? where can I download it? You may ask. Well I’m just in the process of pushing a public release live on both the Microsoft Store and Google Play.

I will admit that I have forgotten a few details when it comes to pushing a paid app live on the store, such as bank account details, yup I know, stupid, but I’m in the process of sorting all of that out and then will be pushing live, and awaiting approval.

I expect the first push to have the most friction, with store requirements having to be met, and no doubt there’s something I’ve missed, but I think that should be pretty minimal, at least I hope. So with all of that said, cachy should be available for download from the store within the next couple of days.

I was hoping this post was going to include links to download, but hey, small steps! My next update will be just that (I hope). So please stay tuned. Also, head on over to the screenshots page to see what cachy is going to be looking like at time of release.

Onward and upward…